Statement on the Anniversary of the Mosque Shooting in Quebec City

January 30, 2018

As-Salaam-Alaikum (which means peace be upon you) Honourable Senators, I rise today on the anniversary of the massacre that took place at the Islamic Cultural Centre on January 28, 2017 in Quebec City. In a targeted act of terror and hatred, six…

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Islamic Heritage Month Statement in the Senate

October 20, 2017

On October 19, 2017 I rose in the Senate Chamber to commemorate Islamic Heritage Month. I rise today to acknowledge that October is Islamic Heritage Month in Canada. As a Muslim who immigrated to this country more than 30 years ago, I…

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Joint Statement by Senator Ataullahjan and Senator Munson after Committee Hearings on Rohingya

October 4, 2017

After ‘heartbreaking’ testimony, Canada must do more to halt Myanmar’s atrocities against Rohingya  Ottawa, October 3, 2017 – As an internationally recognized defender of human rights, Canada must do everything in its power to pressure the Myanmar government to stop its systematic…

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Speech on Motion 240 regarding Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar

September 27, 2017

On September 21st, Senator Ataullahjan tabled a Motion in the Senate urging the government of Canada to call upon the government of Myanmar to end the violence against Rohingya Muslims. On September 27th, the Senator gave moved her motion and said:  …

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Eid 2017 Meet and Greet with Andrew Scheer

July 20, 2017

On July 18th, 2017 it was a pleasure to host CPC leader Andrew Scheer in Mississauga. When Andrew began his role as the Leader of the Official Opposition and the Conservative Party of Canada, he said that he “looked forward to reaching out to and working with Muslim Canadians from coast-to-coast.” The Muslim community looks forward to working with Andrew.cropped1 cropped2 cropped3 cropped4 Scheer_Volunteer_EidMilan7890 Scheer_Volunteer_EidMilan7898 Scheer_Volunteer_EidMilan7938 Scheer_Volunteer_EidMilan7952 Scheer_Volunteer_EidMilan7966 Scheer_Volunteer_EidMilan7988 Scheer_Volunteer_EidMilan7989 Scheer_Volunteer_EidMilan7993 Scheer_Volunteer_EidMilan8015